About Us

Save more with Shop Africa today! Bringing you Fresh grocery products straight from Africa & Caribbean to your doorstep!

Our Vision

Shop Africa was founded in 2018 by a group of pioneers with a simple idea: to build a one stop online shop for all Africans and consumers of African goods at a cheap price.

Our passion is to help everyday people to resolve everyday challenges associated with finding and buying African grocery products at a good price.

Our aim is to enable all consumers to be able to find the right products at their finger tips, and place an order at the click of a button and give you back the time you would normally spend visiting high-street shops and the hassles that comes with this.

With ShopAfrica, consumers can gain back some valuable time which can be spent on other important things like relaxation or spending more time with your families or other important things.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make shopping for African products easy, convenient and fun while removing the usual hassles of going to the high street for hours, looking for parking and possibly getting a parking ticket or getting your car scratched or bumped into for your troubles.

Providing a hassle-free convenient shopping experience is what we are really passionate about at ShopAfrica and we pride ourselves in developing a solution which puts the customer first.

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